Michael Keys

PCW - Super Code

The second best book on programming the PCW



SPA Associates
ISBN 1 871892 01 5
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Loading screens - Machine definition - Interrupt techniques - Pause generation - Stop-watch & interval timing - Draft and NLQ printer fonts - All printer font data, with tips on re-design - Advanced screen printing & screen addressing - Screen manipulations : scrolling, panning, inversions, etc. - Characterinversions,rotations, enlargements, etc. - Customised printing - All forms of menus - Block switching and other useful techniques, etc., etc.,

Dozens of programm examples

Full index and appendices.

Acknowledgements: This book is based an my experience of using information derived over the years from books and periodicals, to the writers of which I would like to express my thanks. In addition I am indebted to Iain Stirzaker and Geoffrey Childs who supplied extra material, and were patient. Geoffrey Childs also performed the invaluable service of proof reading the manuscript. The information belongs to others, the mistakes are all mine.





  1. Aims
  2. The Set-Up
  3. Time & Again
  4. Forgive the Interruption
  5. Back to Font
  6. Basics of Screen Printing
  7. Basics of Screen Addressing
  8. Screen Manipulations
  9. Character Manipulations
  10. Basics of Menu Design
  11. Key-press Menus
  12. Cursor Menus
  13. Loading Screens
  14. Miscellaneous Output
  15. Miscellaneous Input



  1. Equivalent Addresses
  2. Draft Font Data
  3. NLQ Font Data
  4. Block Switching
  5. Keyboard Memory Map
  6. Contents of Memory
  7. Screen addresses
  8. Im 2 programming