Michael Keys

PCW - Machine Code

The best book on programming the PCW



SPA Associates
ISBN 1 871892 00 7
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How to control the screnn, the printer, discs and the whole of the machine memory.

A full explanation of machine code with dozens of programm examples.

With a special section on calculations such as Sin, Cos, Sq roots, Random Nos, 8-, 16-, and 32-bit arithmetic, etc., etc.

Full index and appendices.

This book is based an my experience of using information derived over the years from books and periodicals, to the writers of which I would like to express my thanks. The information belongs to others, the mistakes are all mine.





  1. Computing should be sensible

  2. The basis of Computing

  3. The Z80 processor

  4. The instruction set

  5. Writing a sub-routine

  6. Practical programming

  7. Screen printing

  8. Using the printer

  9. Screen graphics 1

  10. Screen graphics 2

  11. The Memory Disc

  12. Disc handling

  13. Error handling

  14. Arithmetical routines

Michael Keys