SpeedPrint - the print accelerator

Huge technological advances in computers now mean that they outstrip the physical ability of the printer to actually print the image. Feeding data to a slow printer accounts for part of the long delay encountered when printing. This is where - Speed-Print comes in, reducing this delay by up to an amazing 80%. SpeedPrint lets you get on with computing while it gets on with printing!


The PCW can send data to an external printer much faster than the printer can print it, so valuable computing time is wasted waiting for the print operation to finish. SpeedPrint is a print buffer - a totally new concept for the PCW. It steps in and takes over the task of sending data from the PCW to the printer. SpeedPrint accepts data from the PCW at maximum speed and holds it in a large, dedicated data store until the printer is ready to receive it. As soon as the PCW has finished sending print data to SpeedPrint, full control is returned to the computer user. The printer then works at its own rate, fed directly from SpeedPrint, rather than from the PCW!


SpeedPrint is a PCW parallel port combined with a dedicated memory store. It is a direct replacement for the AMSTRAD CPS8256 Parallel Printer Interface (without the serial port) and as such is available to LocoScript2/3 and ALL CP/M programs as a standard Centronics Interface. It plugs directly onto the expansion port of the PCW8256 or 8512. It can also be used on the PCW9512 or 9512+ as a high performance replacement for the built-in parallel Port. SpeedPrint connects to any standard external parallel (not the supplied PCW dot matrix or daisy wheel) printer (dot-matrix, laser, ink/bubble jet, etc) using a standard PC-type printer cable (available as an optional extra). SpeedPrint also has a feed-through connector as standard to al-low connection of additional interfaces.


SpeedPrint has a Buffer Control Switch (used to EMPTY SpeedPrint and to enter the Multi-Copy count) and a Multi-Function Indicator showing the condition of SpeedPrint at any time. Incorporated into SpeedPrint is a unique Multi-Copy facility. This feature lets you make from one to over 65,000 copies of any document directly from SpeedPrint WITHOUT using the PCW in any way! - This makes SpeedPrint act just like your own personal photocopier!

When documents are converted to print data, they can increase in size by up to TEN TIMES. Because of this, SpeedPrint is available in SIX different storage capacities - 128K, 256K, 512K, 1024K, 1536K or a massive 2048K! All of the smaller sizes are upgradable to 2048K. The buffer part of SpeedPrint still provides speed benefits even if it is not large enough to contain a complete document.- the MULTI-COPY function is only usable if the complete document will fit into the buffer.

SpeedPrint - the time maker!